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Metal Gear Solid Problem

The only real reason I got this emulator was to play Metal Gear Solid, and it works fine during gameplay, actually perfect, but the cut scenes suck my you know what and the sound is like 5 seconds ahead of the video. First of all, here are my system specs

pIII 500 mhz
Creative Annhilator 2 MX
128 pc133 dimm ram
13 gig hard drive
10 gig hard drive
DVD 6x 42x
Creative LIVE! x-gamer

I use Pete's opengl driver, and I have it set to pretty low standard video quality, yet all the cut scenes lag and so does the sound. I use Null's newest sound plugin, and all of it sucks my you know what during cut scenes, and cut scenes are a really big part of gameplay to me. Help me out. If you have to, e-mail me some good settings that work out for you guys. I have the newest plugins and the newest epsxe release.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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