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epsxe & plugins. compatible with ATI XPERT??

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Basically my friend gave an ATI-XPERT2000 32mb video card. So I collected his trash heh heh (and no its not damaged). BEFORE I install, unscrew, etc. I want to know how compatible is this video card. Are many games crashing?? How about FF9 and its transistions?? stability?? speed??
It would be too much hassle to install everything just to find out that it's not working and then go back and install my old drivers again. Basically if you have experience with this video card you can reply with what you know so far. (it won't sell and the only option is the trash can if it has bad stability). My comp specs are:

Voodoo3 2000 16mb 143mhz
Sound blaster live value
50x CDRom drive
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This Card is based on ATI RAGE 128 Pro (GL) chipset. It's old but good enough if you have a powerfull CPU.

I used this one with Pete's plugins (both D3D and OpenGL) without problems.
If it's unbrocken then you won't get any problem just use petes D3D 6x Plugin . Make sure that you install the most recent drivers for better results
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