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epsxe only handles multipad one way

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when activating the multipad option, it seems epsxe automatically considers it should be plugged in the first controller port of the emulated playstation. But there are some games which require it to be plugged in the second port. I don't know if there are a lot of such games, but i do know they exist since i own at least one of them : poy poy 2.

For the multipad to work with those games, you have to plug a regular controller in the first port of your playstation, then to plug your multipad in the secondary port of your playstation, and finally plug the additional controllers in the ports of the multipad (without pluging any in the first port of the multipad).

I know this may seem strange but that's the way it has always been on my original psx with this game (plugging the multipad differently wouldn't allow the controllers to be recognized), and probably some others. Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

The ultimate solution would be to allow the user to determine the precise configuration (ie ports used for each controller) in the multipad option of epsxe... something to add to the next version to-do list ;)
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that is strange. all the PSX games i've played (or know of) require the multitap to be plugged into the first slot. i guess ePSXe never accounted for this...
strange. well, sorry to say, i think you are screwed unless someone hard-codes that into the emulator. if you're a programmer yourself you can get the source code of PSXeven or something and put it in yourself. i guess otherwise you're screwed.
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