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Hi all. I've been watching these forums for a month or so, but I didn't really need to jump in and ask questions until just now.

I've recently started working with Slax, a wonderful Slackware-based LiveCD distro. It has a very active community, and development/packaging for it has proven to be very educational to me. I've messed with Linux before, but Slax has allowed me to really get in and get my hands dirty.

Now, on to my question. I've been asked to work together a module (Slax package) for ePSXe. Before you jump me, I'm perfectly aware of the illegality of distributing a PSX bios, so I'm not going to distribute a module, I'm just going to make instructions for packaging it available. The ePSXe on Linux How-to has been very informative, and I've been succesful in getting it to run. It runs games slowly so far, but that's beside the point. I can tweak mine all I want to work with my specific hardware configuration, and I'll eventually get it right.

What I have is a user with a 700 MHz Duron, 256 Meg of RAM, and a Nvidia TNT2 Graphics card. I've got a test machine I can set up with a 700 MHz Thunderbird and the 256 Meg of RAM, but I don't have a TNT2 to play with. Can I get some suggestions as far as which GPU plugin(s) I should consider, and some recommended settings? I do have a Geforce 5200FX, so I'll probably test with that just to play with the Nvidia support.

Thanks, guys.
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