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epsxe NOT WORKING need help

:confused: Wuts the deal whenever i try to play a game ex.Need 4 speed high stakes and metal gear vr missions. i get this dumb error acouple screens into the game that says "Epsxe has caused an error in <unknown>.Epsxe will now close If you continue experience problems try restarting your computer". and i cant play the game i tried restarting i tried changing plugin settings
is there a way to fix it
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Please give us more details of your system specifications.
Hardware config, ePSXE plugin config, which operating system, etc etc etc.
Trying to troubleshoot a problem without knowing these is like trying to shoot a bat on a foggy night.
ok more specs

Ok more specs
Dimension 4100 Series,Pentium III Processor at 933 MHz
128MB SDRAM at 133MHz
32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 4X AGP Graphics Card
Windows ME
12x MAX varible dvd rom drive
Petes open gl driver 1.50
nulls audio driver1.3
epsxe cdr ASPIC core 1.4.0
Recommend upgrading to pete's 1.51 plug-in, also highly recommend checking to see if all your drivers for your video card & sound card & what-not are upgraded.
where can i find drivers for a 32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 4X AGP
after i downloaded a nivida driver and the plugin i still get thesame error
Well if it tells what it is getting the error in that would help. Uninstall epsxe and delete the registry entries, reinstall, defragment your hard drive, run a virus scan. Update your sound drivers if possible.
i did all that crap and it still wont work

the weird thing is sometimes it works and sometimes it dosent
i tried accurate cd timing and the other 1 and it still wont work
Your system sounds messed up, sorry I can't help.
The next thing i'd try is a different bios. Yours maybe corrupt or something (although that usually only terminates the emulator but wortha shot.) If not I'd go with problems on the system. Do you have any other simingly unrelated errors in other programs? games maybe?
no other errors just with epsxe
the weird thing the only games that get the error are nfs high stakes and mgs vr missions
would i be able to make an ISO of the game and will it work

another question how do i make ISOS
You can use CDRWIN (from to make ISOs. When you run CDRWIN, click the 3rd button along on the top row, choose your CD drive letter, and type in gamename.bin in the filename box (change gamename to the name of your game.)

As for your main problem, try moving all your plugins to another folder and just put back the ones you need eg. Pete's OpenGL 1.51, and your sound plugin, then try ePSXe again. If that dont work, try using Pete's D3D driver, that dont work then try to get a screenshot of ePSXe's DOS window and post it in here, it may show some error message that somebody here might know about. Hope this helps. :)
well i tried the 2 vidio plugins they didnt work

how would i get a screenshot of the window
Hit printscreen and paste into a graphics program i.e. microsoft paint.
:confused: Ok. So its only 2 games that crash and only then at specific instances and on both occasions you get a BSOD telling you that the emu has caused an error in itself... If it wasn't for the fact that one of the games is mgs my guess would be that you have stumbled accross a bug :eek: .
:( that sucks is there a way to get around it:eyemove:
here is wut my ms dos diolog box looks like

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
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does any one 1 know wut the problem is.???:(
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