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hey all
I recently bought a new laptop (AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.2GHZ) 1 gig DDRRAM, ATI Radeon 9600/9700 128MB) and installed Windows XP Professional SP1, activated it, updated it to DirectX 9.0b (was on Dawn of War disk for PC).
I took my Epsxe 1.6 from my original computer, along with bios and plugins and such...Set it up for my new laptop, put a disk in, click on run cdrom, and a black screen...thats it. tried various games, and iso's of games (i backed them up myself), tried various plugins and settings. nothing.
it worked brilliantly on my win98se pc. so why not on my xp? is it cause its a laptop, or is it because its winxp?

any help would be greatly appreciated


EDIT: I've fixed it. i think it was the out of date directx. i updated it (after about 3 times of it failing ?? stupids windows...might go to linux one day...)
now all i gotta do, is configure it to play properly, download more plugs and see what happens.
thanx for no help :lol:

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first of all, make sure your laptop's power saving functions are turned off (or that the laptop is plugged in, which usually automatically disables them).

secondly, i'd suggest using Pete's OGL2 (nice preset for most games, make sure very high X is at 1) for graphics, Eternal 1.41 (default settings) for sound, and Peops CDR (try the settings here: CD, if you are going to be playing off a CD that is.
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