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ePSXe keeps freezing

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Okay so I downloaded ePSXe 1.70 with the bios and the up to date plugins. I put in my game disc (FF7) and it's working fine then it just freezes. So I restart the computer, put the game back in and try to play it again and my computer freezes. After about 2 minutes ePSXe pops up but nothing loads and when I go to my computer the drive for my dvd/cd isn't on there.

This has been happening to me for day so I finally gave up and decided to see if anyone can help me with this, it's driving me nuts. Whenever I go to load ePSXe for some reason my computer will freeze and then won't read the disc, or any disc for that matter. It works perfectly fine (I can watch movies and stuff from my dvd's) but as soon as I load the emulator it just messes up. So does anyone know how to fix this?
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run memtest for a few hours and then come back with the results, depending on the results of the test will determine exactly what this problem is.
Then, i have a snarky feeling its a read issue caused by the Optical drive, or the PSU's 12v is dropping when the disk spins up.

make sure the Rom drive and the HDD are not on the same molex.
Then we may have just found your problem :), CDRom is dropping out when the 12v rail drops due to the VGA card kicking up.
Unfortunately not much.

you could rearrange power distribution but i don't think it'll help much
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