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ePSXe has been discontinued

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ePSXe has been discontinued (Warning - Fake)

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*** Start complete and utter bullcrap ***

_Demo_ recently stopped by #epsxe on EFNET to give us the sad news. ePSXe has been discontinued

[07:35] <_Demo_> This summer we will be approaching two years since the release of ePSXe 1.6.0. Many people are expecting a new release before then or around then. Well, I am here to tell you it isn't going to happen.
[07:36] <_Demo_> The last change I made to the code was about September 2004, and I have not done anything to it since. I have many problems in my life that I do not wish to go into that prevents me from continuing this.
[07:36] <_Demo_> I actually decided to discontinue this back in late 2004, but did not have the courage to make an announcement nor rid myself of the source code.
[07:37] <_Demo_> Last night I deleted all source code and binaries off my hard-disks and destroyed any backup copies I had. There will be no release of the ePSXe source code, I don't owe anyone anything.
[07:37] <_Demo_> ePSXe was a project I did in my spare time. And now I do not have any spare time for reasons. I barely have enough time to come here and make this statement but I feel people need to know so they don't get their hopes up for nothing.
[07:38] <_Demo_> I wish to thank everyone involved in ePSXe, you know who you are. You were great to me but now it is time for it to come to an end. Goodbye ePSXe, and goodbye to all involved in it. I am grateful to you.

*** End complete and utter bullcrap ***

Please, do not pay attention, this all has been made up. For more information about ePSXe's development, refer here.
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well that honestly sucks. i was hoping at least for them to make it compatible with standards gamecontroller plugin spec.
they even won't release that little bug fix they told they will (short after 1.6.0 release) ...

sad news, but well, what the hell it's legendary emulator :D legendary and greate :)

we will miss it...

thx _Demo_ for everything and good luck
:( Man he sounds really pissed. Hope everything is allright... Anyhow he shouldn't have deleted the source. Sooner or later he'll regret it!
he did sound pissed. really spiteful too. i just wonder what happened to calb and galtor.
Well, I'm not sad at all. Not that I don't like EPSXE, on the contrary! But the thing is: EPSXE "imo" is already perfect. I mostly use EPSXE 1.5.2, wich is better. Every game that I have (and I have more than 2000!) works perfect. I think the only bugs I encountered where plugin-especific bugs.
Anyway, _Demo_ and everyone involved with epsxe, thanks for bringing such a great emulator.
we're suspecting that it was ChaosBlade playing a prank. We'll keep you updated if anything else is learned.

<[Raziel]> !seen *demo*
<Grothia> I found 3 matches to your query (sorted): chsblade _Demo_ chaosblad. chsblade ([email protected]) was last seen joining #ngemu 22 hours, 26 minutes ago. chsblade is still on #ngemu.
Considering _Demo_ isn't the one who started ePSXe and that ePSXe is made by a TEAM, it sounds quite unlikely that this is real, not to mention that they have an official site where they can make an announcement. Also, looked at my logs, I'm connected pretty much 24/7, and I don't have ANYTHING that looks like what you posted messanger333, if you can't provide us with any kind of proof, I'll enjoy permanently banning your sorry ass.
Best of luck, _demo_.....

EDIT: The heck.....
Wat's happening?
probably someone's going to be killed
i should have been suspicious of someone named messanger333 doing this with his first post.
This is all made up BS. Messanger, please don't ever try to come back. Consider your sorry ass banned. Closing.
Indeed, it didn't take much to realise this was BS, a bit of investigation, a poor fake _Demo_ on IRC, and there we go, you suck big time, I can now enjoy to tell you that your sorry ass just me with my foot @ full strength, go away, retard.
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