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epsxe graphics help

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i need help with the graphics of the espxe emulator...they aren't really working well and i do not know how to get them to work right...i have downloaded the newest plugins but still i don't know what the problem is...if you could help me email me at [email protected]...... thank you
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have you config the plugin? Have you got the bios?
yes i have the bios and i have tried to configure the plugin....

my system specs are

athlon 1.2 ghz
32mb nvidia 3d accelerator
256mb RAM
50spd cd rom
soundblaster live!
60gb hard drive
What drivers are you using for your video card? I would suggest that you use the nvidia detonator drivers, and install DirectX8... C if that would solve your problem... or..

what settings are you using with the graphics plugin? Are you using epsxecutor?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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