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How to change it for NegCon pad, and not wheel.
Oh sorry. I have no idea as to how I missed this message. I think that I might have accidentally disabled email notifications from this site or something...

The basic principle of reducing the deadzone should be the same for any kind of analogue controller. You just make the zero-to-full-left and the zero-to-full-right ranges overlap by 'stretching' them onto each other. I have described the original values for the ranges in one of the first messages in this thread as well as giving you the directions as to what to change.

It may be that the ranges differ depending on your controller, but I would say, that it is pretty unlikely given that all those games and controller plugins were designed to work with a controller in the first place - it is a wheel that was not intended.

So yeah, sorry, but I can not tell you anything besides of what I already have told. Just keep on trying and - sadly - do not expect miracles in the form of zero dead zone.
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