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ePSXe generally slowing down?

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Alright, I've used the emulator for a while now and its always run fine..but now the fps will drop to almost a standstill, frequently and for no particular reason.

Very annoying, to say the least.

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[rules]NO[/rules]. It's ilegal to download a game you don't own. You should check your computer for virus and/or spyware. If you don't have suitable software for that, avast is a good free antivirus, and ad-aware se works nicely for the spyware.
No, i don't think that will help. Visit kane's domain to get a nice config for epsxe. Also, you can post your current configs using the 'Copy to clipboard' button on the plugin. That will help us help you greatly, specially because it will tell us wich videocard are you using.
PEOPs will look fugly, but probably will work better. Anyway, you could try pete's DX6 D3D driver, wich you'll already have (it's included in the same package with the opengl one). I think Offscreen drawing at 2 will be enough. FB texture to 0 and FB access to 4 will stress your cpu and relieve the gfx card, wich with your setup is better. Out of curiosity, what spu plugin are you using, and how is it set up?
That's why i think the problem lies somewhere else, and not in the emu. Have you tried what's been posted? And SPU is the audio plugin.
Download eternal and use that as audio plugin. Configure it to use directsound, spuasync audioout method in smooth mode, a buffer of around 40 (lower it if the sound lags, or raise it if it cracks), neill's reverb, and the first spu irq fix will probably be needed.

About the freezes, do they happen also with PEOPs?
Time to try the hassle of making peops cd-r working perfect, or get either iso buster or iso producer and make an iso of your discs. The second method is by far the easier, and gives better results, but every iso will ocupy around 700MB (the actual amount depends on the game) of your hard disk. Configuring peops to use ioctl interface with thread reads will achieve the better results on cd, but you'll have more things to config that i don't recall right now :p .
You sure you are using epsxe 1.5.2, right? There are some cutscenes on the forest that show glitchy with 1.6.0, and it wouldn't surprise me if it crashed for you. Anyway, depending on your version you might need a ppf patch, check that.
Use the image creation wizard, select the playstation profile for data, give the image a name and a location on your hd, and pick the .ccd format instead of the mdf/mds. Hit start, wait, and you are done. Then start epsxe, pick "run iso", and choose the .bin file that was generated.
Unless you are japanese, i hope you are kidding, poor kid xD . Glad it's solved :) . Have fun playing FF9! It's a very enjoyable game ;) .
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