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ePSXe game problems... Help Please?

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I am having some problems with a couple of games. Overall, most of my 70 PSX games work, but a few of my favorites don't...

Here are my problems:

Castlevania Chronicles : The game locks up after choosing an option from the title screen.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night : Continually checks for my memory card, and does this forever.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 : When I try to save, it says "Memory Card Error" and boots me from ePSXe.

SpiderMan 2 : The game is VERY choppy and skippy, and does not play the vocals.

Cool Boarders 2001 : The game locks soon after the opening videos. Doesn't even get to the title screen.

Thats about it...

Thanks in advance for help! :emb:

:dead: iRoNgHosT :dead:
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For the memory card problems, try pressing F4.
hey blasto, do u have star ocean 2?
if so could you tell me how you got past the 2nd fmv in Clik(the fmv after the earthquake) everytime i get there epsxe freezes...
iEvolutions: You can't currently get past that crashing problem in ePSXe. Use another emulator (like VGS) to get past it.
Castlevania SON: Use Acurate CD timming it should fix your problem.
To get Castlevania Chronicles to work, keep pressing F4 and F5 or F5 and then F4 and be patient. It won't seem like it is going to work, but it will. This is the way I had to do it and I got the game (US NTSC version) to run.
For Castlevania SOTN, what worked for me was to set the country dection to Force PAL mode and then run the game. It got past the memcard screen and gave me a new game. I played for a bit and then saved at the first save point I found. Later after I had exited and returned to to play some more, I set detection to auto detect and it loaded up just fine. My version is the US NTSC version. Hope this helps.
*** Star Ocean 2 spoiler ***

Thats funny.........When I played Star Ocean, it worked perfectly until the part where Claudes dad got killed....:confused:
Janus: Hmm...maybe I should go try again then with the upcoming version...did you play it recently?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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