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A fake _Demo_ queried me on IRC..

16:32:00 <_Demo_> ePSXe has been discontinued
16:32:18 <ector> ..ok
16:32:23 <ector> so what? :)
16:32:36 <_Demo_> Just wanted to let you know.
16:32:56 <ector> i thought it already was :p
16:33:13 <ector> haven't seen a new release for a long time .. and besides i don't run much psx emulation
16:33:29 <ector> are they gonna release the source?
16:33:47 <_Demo_> Nope it's been erased all backups of it as well
16:33:57 <_Demo_> Neo-emulation is wrong. We must not give in to the rom kiddies out there. ePSXe, like PSX emulation period, has been put to bed. PSXs are still on sale at places. That is why it's been discontinued.
16:34:29 <ector> you trying to say that we should discontinue dolphin?
16:34:49 <ector> not much point since dolphin won't really run any major games properly anyway until the GC is already old skool
16:35:06 <ector> it's just too slow
16:35:10 <_Demo_> Dolphin, Dolwin, and any emulator that emulates new systems should be put down in respect to Nintendo of America and in respect to law and order.
_Demo_ is [email protected] * _Demo_
_Demo_ on @#ePSXe-devel @#discuss-ep
_Demo_ using AvalonWorks - We don't squit servers for fun.
_Demo_ End of /WHOIS list.
16:36:25 <_Demo_> We must respect the corporation. Any attempt to undermine them is futile and it is best to obey them.
16:36:40 <ector> epsxe site is still up
16:36:46 <ector> bah
16:36:49 <ector> what's wrong with you?
16:37:04 <ector> trying to troll me?
16:37:14 <_Demo_> I recently had a conversation with someone about the DMCA. I now see its purpose and realize its best for humanity.
16:37:24 <ector> ...
16:38:11 <_Demo_> Anyway I am the leader of the emulation council and im asking you to discontinue dolphin thanks bye
16:38:35 <ector> you are not _Demo_. there is no emulation council.
16:40:10 <_Demo_> oh but there is, we recently ruled that the emulator 1964 has become too powerful and struck it down, now it has been discontinued :)
16:40:23 <ector> you are definitely not _Demo_
16:40:30 <ector> 1964 can't be discontinued
16:40:34 <ector> it's open source
16:40:53 <_Demo_> 0.9.9 source isnt out, so no the latest version isnt open
16:40:53 <_Demo_> :)
16:44:01 <ector> whatever... discontinuing emus would do no good anyway since the rom kiddies already have enough N64 and PS emulators. you're just a troll.

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No, there is some ahole trolling.

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You know, it would be quite hilarious if that was a nintendo representative behind the scenes :p


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But Xeven can't reach that far up his own ass without the help of others. Only a complete n00b can go up that far without feeling pain.

hushypushy said:
maybe it's Xeven telling everyone ePSXe is dead so they'll use PSXeven :p :laugh:

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heh hushy, I think Xeven didn't like your "joke":

[21:48] <Xeven> okay where;s that ****face hush
[21:48] <Xeven> where does he get off tyring to accuse me of this bull****

You weren't alone getting that ector, I would have continued the convo but it was useless anyway...

Session Start: Mon Feb 28 10:29:01 2005
Session Ident: _Demo_
[10:29] Session Ident: _Demo_ ([email protected])
[10:29] <_Demo_> Just wanted to say ePSXe has been discontinued. bye
[10:30] <Knuckles> ok....
Session Close: Mon Feb 28 10:30:58 2005

And of course, _Demo_ , like me and Chrono, is using videotron as ISP
_Demo_ ([email protected])

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well that would be confusing if you didn't see the location of the fake _demo_ although I won't believe in that... no _demo_ would talk like that...

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SO, IT WAS JUST A LIE? D*mn, its not even 1st of April yet!!!
Anyway, good to hear thet EPSXE is alive, but like I've said before, IMO epsxe is already perfect. Even if it was really dead, EPSXE would still be my favorite emu ever.
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