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Hi there guys,

First of all, thanks for this amazing forum. You have done such an amazing job creating this community of gamers from all around the world.

I'm having some issues with the Cheats tab in ePSXe: I created the Notepad files as I've seen they should be created, named them correctly (all of this inside the "cheats" folder) and when I try to see the Cheats in the emulator, they don't appear.

The thing is: I want to play as Nitros Oxide in CTR PAL (the Spanish Version, I'm from Spain) and I used a GameShark code in the notepad. Not sure if this is the way to do it. But looks like doesn't work. Could you please help me with this?

BTW, please see my screenshots below and let me know too if I did all good.

Thanks in advance & have a relaxing weekend ahead
Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number

Rectangle Parallel Font Number Pattern

Rectangle Font Parallel Circle Screenshot

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