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epsxe crashes, please help!!!!

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epsxe crashes when i hit esc. im using lewpys , epsxe spu core, petes cdr. It all of a sudden started to do this. i reinstall it but it didn't work.

My system:
p3 665
voodoo 3 2000
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I doubt it that the plugins have anything to do with the crash... (i might be wrong), but I also don't know why does that happen...

i didnt think it was the plugins
The winzip file might be currepted!.... try downloading it again...
no after i downloaded it it still had the same problem. it used to work perfect.
This is just off the wall, but when i was using ePSXe ver 1.2.0 i had that problem almost. When i escaped out of a game and tried to do anything, including close the program, it GPF on me. When i upgraded to 1.4.0 the problem went away, same plugins, just upgraded to 1.4.0. If your already using that version then, sorry, no help...
It may actually be the plugin, I used Pete's soft video and then changed it to OpenGl, and it didn't crash when I hit "esc".
that didnt work thanks anyway tho
have the same problems here. Somtimes it doesn't sometimes it does. Just wondering if this is only happening to people with voodoo cards? I have another computer that uses a geforce 2 pro and never had this kind of problem. But my brother's voodoo5 have it...
Bumping this up
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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