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epsxe crashes in linux when i try to config video and sound

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epsxe for linux with proper plugins crashes when i try to config the video and sound and i get this message when i run it in the terminal
plugins/ undefined symbol: PSEgetLibType
any help will be greatly appreciated
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Download the latest bzip2 sources and recompile them.
I have the same problem as this. I'm using Fedora Core 6. I just updated bz2libs (provides, but I still get the same error: "plugins/ undefined symbol: PSEgetLibType" when I try to configure the video or sound.
I get the same error when I use PCSX with the same plugins. Can anyone give any help? I'd like to use epsxe on Linux so I'd have one less thing I have to boot into Windows for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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