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ePSXe configuration

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Can someone tell me the best plugins and configuration for them??

My PC:
P3 550Mhz
192 RAM
Riva TNT 2 32MB
Mitsumi CR-4804TE

P.S. Can someone mail me a letter where can I find PSX BIOS ROM??


[email protected]
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The best plugins for me are, Pete's OGL vers. 1.50 set to nice and tweaked from in game, Pete's CD rom plug in vers. 1.5 w/asynch read on and 2x speed limiting, 7502 bios, still expermienting w/SPUS.
No, no one can tell you exactally where you may find a PSX bios. But if you go to and do a search for PSX Bios you should come up w/plenty of sites that have them. The reccomended ones to get are the 1001 and 7502. These seem to work best for most people. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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