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A couple of months back, I remember going to an external site to check reports of games compatible with ePSE 1.40. I really wanted to verify any user experiences with the following games:

- Motor Toon Grand Prix (US)
- Power Instinct 2 (JPN)
- Thunderforce V (US)
- Parodius series (JPN)
- Strikers 1945 series (US?)
- Einhander (US)

Today I check here, since the function seems to be integrated right into the local website. Then I run into a screen which looks like the innards of a coding session gone haywire. Can anybody help me find where I wanted to go? :p

And does anybody have experience with the games in question? :D

I would have to double check our list at to see if some of these games are on there. If not it would be great if someone could submit them so others can see if these games are working. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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