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Epsxe Blank Screen

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With any game for epsxe, it either says Illegal Operation or shows a blank screen, can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem?
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what are your system specs? Your settings for epsxe and its pluggins? Os? We need more info to help you..

Pentium(r) II Processor
Intel MMX(TM) Technology
64.0MB RAM
File System: 32-bit
Virtual Memory: 32-bit

Video Plugin: Pete's Soft Driver 1.52
Sound: Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.10
CD-Rom: Pete's CDR ASPI/IOCTL Driver 1.17

Anything else?
Try running just the bios, see what happens. Post here whether it works or not. If it doesn't work, try downloading a different bios.
Have you updated your drivers for your hardware componenst.. ie. video card, sound card.. ect.. to the newest versions? Update your directx to atleast 8.0 if you haven't done so..
for scph1001 it goes up to the screen on playstation that will show if you dont have a CD in or if you have a music CD for fivefeet, you're talking about the drivers for epsxe right?
Ive discovered something! it freezes at the beginning of the game, i put in nuclear dawn and the now loading..... showed up and the game froze, how come this is happening?
By drivers he means the drivers that your operating system uses, which you can download the latest ones from your hardware manufacturer's website. It is a good idea to make sure you are using the most up to date plug-ins as well. As for nuclear dawn freezing, you can try a different bios, you can try different cd settings, and also the game may just not work with epsxe yet sorry.
Go to their respective websites and find out ...

oh come on, I've waited a bloody 60 seconds already!
Originally posted by MCMystic
Is there a price?
As far as I am aware... Hardware drivers are free from their respective manufacturers.. So I am guessing you haven't updated your drivers for your video card and sound card.. Or directx?
I got direct 8.1 and no i havent updated my drivers....i dont see the name for my video card, it has just a blank space, no name for some reason.....wuznt like that before but oh well, i found out my mr2.002 file was corrupt, so it wouldnt work anyway
Why do I suddenly suspect that you don't own these games ...
.002, huh? Wrong answer. Locking. Depending on what else you've said, may ban you too. We'll see.

Correction. You are the weakest link, good-bye.
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