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epsxe big problem

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does any body know why epsxe just shows the beginning psxlogo screen like on a psx and goes to the second part with the pslogo and scus logo,how come it won't play any games,at first it was saying it couldn't get track info but know it says nothing and just does that,please some one help me. The game i am trying to use is legend of legaia and it does the same thing wit the legaia fix enabled with epsxecutor1.4
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Try building a new profile with epsxexecutor 1.04.

Use your previous plugins, if failed. Try below:

Pete D3D 1.50 or Pete SOFT 1.50
Pete DSound 1.10

Also remember the BIOS path, enable the CD-XA sound and try triggering the "disable real-time CD-ROM status", it help.
No, ePSXe's big problem is its whole plugin system and all of its options. Its both a blessing and a gift. It allows you a huge amount of control over your game playing, but newbie's often get lost/confused/angry/ect.
referring this last post i would like to say some things: Newbies can runs VGS and them they get what they deserve (very poor graphics)....the question isn't about being newbies or about being LAZY...sure epsxe has a far more complicated system than other emus, but that time you spend tweaking your options, make that when you get it right, it will be sooooo sweet!!! :D *hAPYy* :D
i'm not flaming everyone....just sayin that like in everything in life, honest work pays back!!!
It's easy after a certain time , just be patient !!!
i actually have a real life experience to 2nd that

i wanted to try cyberpad, so i found a friend. he's a computer guy but doesnt play any psx emu on the computer. so i walked him thru the download and setup, remotely via icq.

got him up and running in 10 min! some credit goes to the new wizard :cool:
check and make sure you set the cd rom pluggins correctly..... make sure you selected the correct cd rom.... ie D:........ goto epsxe cd rom options to set the cd roms..... make sure to do it for both the pluggins and the epsxe cd rom option as some cd pluggins require settings for itself and the epsxe option......
Relax ... don't get angry while playing the emulator ;)

ePSXe have no real BIG problem, but honestly the plugin system was a little bit complex, and without a setup guide I spent a lot of time to figure out what's the best setting for the games.

Perhaps the plugin authors can add some tootips popup help, that will be great! :D
I had that problem once. I use Pete's GL 1.5 cdrom plugin. Some games require you to use "don't wait until disk is ready" option under the plugin "config". Try checking that, IN ADDITION to starting your game this way.
1. Open your drive
2. Then insert the game
3. Close your drive wait for your lights on the drive to start flashing AND wait until you hear the drive spinning.
4.Once the drive starts spinning and lights flashing, choose RUN CDROM.

Worked for me. Good luck.
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