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Ok guys this problem is about to drive me over the edge!!

My setup first off:
AMD [email protected] mhz
Win98 SE
Creative MK4214 CD-RW
Delta 44X CD-Rom
Petes OGL
Internal SPU
Petes CDR

Ok guys here goes, My computer was workin fine, just about 6 hours ago, until I installed some det's for my TNT2. It was v3.45 I believe. Anyways, After installing those drivers(I did clean install and everything) I rebooted to test rather or not the drivers had done anything for me. When I got to epsxe I clicked run cd-rom and it Blu-Screened me. I restarted and went to the settings. The plugin recognized my Daemon Toolz drive(V) but not my Delta(D) or my Creative(E), all the other plugins behaved the same way...I think I have all of 'em because I got that pak from aldostools. Anyways, I went to device manager and Windows didn't recognize them either! Under the CD-Rom Tab all thats there is the Daemon(V). And here comes the weirdness of it. In My Computer D and E show up, and when I put a Cd in either drive the icon doesn't change(ex. The Wraith doesn't appear when I put in the Starcraft CD) but I can browse thru the files. When I click properties the label says "Starcraft" but the icon doesn't change. I click the Starcraft shortcut and Windows says please insert CD and such. I've re-installed the drivers for both Cd-Drives and the same problem occurs. I've disabled daemon-toolz and the same problem.
I re-installed the dets I had b4(v12.41) and same prob occurs. Any idears on what I should do?

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You may try to remove the drives in safe mode (including all duplicates), and then restarting in normal to reinstall. If not, or if no better idea comes along, try shutting down, physically disconnect the drives, start up like that, shut down, reconnect the drives, and restart (worked when my DVD software went nuts one time).
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