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ePSXe and Multi-uP on W2K

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Does anyone knows, before I buy this kind of board, if ePSXe can run (and take advantage) of bi-processors motherboards?
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im not sure about the board but ive heard that epsxe runs on win2k just fineso you shouldnt have any problems with the dual processors
yeah epsxe runs fine on win2k

but doesnt the program actually have to be written for it to utilize dual prossessors (damn i cant spell)?

my brother has dual p2 400 but it doesnt run games any faster than a 400 but it does auto-cad a lot quicker (he's an engineer so he needs that stuff)
Thanks a lot.

I'm already using W2K pro and working fine (I'll say better than W98se) for ePSXe. In fact I just wanted to know if ePSXe was writen in multi-processor mode and, if so, if it could be a good idea to invest in a bi-pro motherboard. I own 2 PIII at 866Mhz and don't want to buy another uP @ higher rate (and price).
>but doesnt the program actually have to be written for it to
>utilize dual prossessors
:nods: It does indeed. What I *don't* know, however, is if DirectX's routines could take advantage of the added processor. After all, ePSXe provides mostly game logic and such, the video and audio are all handled by external libraries. If they are written to be SMP (symetric multiprocessor) aware, you *might* see an improvement.

However, I'm pretty sure DX wasn't written for multi-proc setups, and if OpenGL takes advantage of it, I've never noticed.

Hehe, now that I've gotten *that* out of the way, I'd suggest trying to upgrade your video card, RAM and hard drive (I know it seems like an odd upgrade suggestion, but I was amazed at how much faster the 7500 RPM and 15000 RPM drives seem compared to older drives of the same size) before going to an SMP system, as you'll probably notice a much greater speed increase.

P.S.> Although not related to the topic, if you're using a Soundblaster Live! (any version) and Win2k, you can pretty much forget about having an SMP system, as the Live drivers *hate* to be in multiproc setups.

P.P.S.> If anyone's wondering about my qualifications, I'll mention that I've worked on SGI Indy boxen for school (computer modeling) and have a multi-proc setup at home. When using normal applications I very rarely notice the difference between the SMP and a regular, uni-processor box, only when modeling something in 3D or displaying curves in Mathematica do you see any sort of improvement.
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