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ePSXe and Linux (WINE)

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Does anyone know if linux can run ePSXe through wine?? I've switched from win98se to linux but the psx emulators for this os aren't as advanced/perfect as ePSXe and i really wanted to play my psx games on linux ;)
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well, I was able to run it but wasn't able to play any games....
Well nothing is easy they say.

I believe it will be difficult at best.
here are the reasons why

You have to be able to support the drivers used for it. Under linux you have DRI so in order to support the DRI interface you have a significant amount of interesting things to do. Namely making a Linux DirectX driver for compatibility.

Open GL might be easier to get working though since all you need for that IS the DRI interface. OGL is directly suported in DRI Just need some tweaks to 'driver' to act like the windows DLL :)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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