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Well, i just popped in Gran turismo 2 and tried it with my favorite emu, epsxe, unfortunatly, the game stops when you get to the screen with all the copyright mentioned, the 2nd screen. It doesnt freeze my comp or anything like that, it just stands there and does nothing. If anyone knows whats going on and has a solution, please post. Thanks in advance.

Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz
256 Mb RDram
SB Live! Soundcard
Geforce 3

Petes OGL plugin
FullScreen 800 x 600
16 bit color
r4 g4 a4 b4 texture quality
Extended filtering
Dynamic cache
Auto detect/Fps limit
Enhanced off-screen drawing
GFX card buffer
Alpha multipass
Mask bit
Advanced Blending
And finally color dithering
Hope this helps

I'm in despair!
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From the good old ePSXe FAQ:

Q: Gran Turismo 2 locks up after the intro screens, can this be fixed?

A: Sure, simple enable 'Accurate CD-ROM Timing' under Config > CD-ROM, or start ePSXe with the '-cdtiming' command-line switch.

[]s Badaro

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Yeah, ISOs are way faster than CDs, it's a pity my GT2 CD had a lot of bad sectors (360+ to be more accurate), and still ran (not with a lot of jerkiness and music skips (of course), so I threw it away and kept GT1.
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