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ePSXe alone?

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Is anybody actually using the other emus?? All I get are simillar results to those in ePSXe, although in most cases worse results.
That's the problem with the plugin emus, they're all the same. There is one that it's very good, and the others are allways look a likes but never so close.
The same thing is happening in N64 emulation...
Besides, the plugin emus are allways slower than the regular ones.
:( , oh well...
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Ok, that's it
Some people may use other PSX emus because even though the ePSXe compatability is very high there are still some games that work better in another emu.
All the emu teams work hard on their projects in their free time so some haven't had the opportunity to progress as far as ePSXe has. Just be patient and we should see a good alternative to ePSXe in due time.
BTW the emu teams are not trying to compete with each other.
Originally posted by Adair
BTW the emu teams are not trying to compete with each other.
Well,one team takes it as a competition(FPSë anyone?).
Originally posted by Raziel

Well,one team takes it as a competition(FPSë anyone?).
Nah I don't think so, after all in their option :eyes: as they have made the "best and most compatible" one then there is no competition :D

(ps I don't agree with them BTW)

[update] this would be my 666 post... no wonder I'm feeling slightly evil.
If FPSE was as big as the teams Egos seem to be, it would be fantastic. Unfortunately when you spend more time bragging and less time producing, well, you can see the results. Also, if they do have FF9 PAL and PE2 running in the next release, how long will it be until one of the other fine teams figures this out and has them running in ePSXe, PCSX, or Adripsx as well? Ah, what's the matter fellas, are you gonna say they stole your code?
Chikitop, if you want grade A, number one, running of your games. Every siningle time, with no flaws, no glitches, etc., then the only solution is to go and buy a real PSX, PS2, or N64.
If you read well Bobbi's post on FPSë on the homepage,you can see he says that another emu will run FF9 PAL(and maybe PE2?),now just guess which emu it is?
Sxamiga, that I've already figured it out, still, some games in ePSXe are a lot better than the real thing (do I hear ISS Pro Ev. 2?!), speacially when I've got the computer connected to the TV screen. The only reason why I still use PSX to play ISS 2 once in a while is because I have a four player adapter (pleeeeeeeease, someone make that available in ePSXe 1.5...).:eyespin:
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