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Epsxe 1.70, no plugins!?

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I downloaded epsxe 1.7 and it didn't come with any plugins at all.
I'm wondering if this is normal?
I got it from, the main server wouldn't work for me so I ended up getting it from the backup/secondary.
When I got 1.6 a few months back it had everything and I'm confused as to why not in 1.7?
I woul just transfer from 1.6-1.7 but like the idiot I am I deleted 1.6 as soon as I had 1.7.
Please help and thank you in advance.

(Btw, cool emoticons here
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ePSXe doesn't come with any plugin except for the Internal plugins, and with ePSXe v1.7.0 the Soft secondary GPU plugin.

You probably got before some kind of "pack" which included plugins.
When I go to config wizard it said I don't have any plugins.
Will it work without all those other plugins?
Ok, can you recommend one friend?
Any other plugins you might recommend would be welcomed.
Just get some kind of graphics plugin and you should be good to go. Or use Eternal SPU if you prefer it over the internal 1.7 sound plugin. Pete's OpenGL 2 should be good if you have a good graphics card[NOT Intel crap], or Pete's Software for crappy GPUs[Intel] or for 2D games.
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