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ePSXe 1.7.1 logo removal

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Ok, I'm tired of it. I want that photo of jesus to get the hell off my screen. It just pisses me off every time I open up the emulator. Somebody, please help me on how to get that repulsive piece of religious advertisement off my screen! :mad:
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Sorry, this forum only caters for legit release versions of epsxe, which 1.7.1 is not.
Where did this supposed 1.7.1 'Jesus edition' come from? (notify with PM)

It could easily have been just malware or spyware disguised as if its a legitimate emulator, whereas its not. Unless its just a ressource hack of the 1.7.0 version (hacked versions of emulators are very frowned upon).
If what Squall says is correct, then it's a fan made patch. It works just like 1.7.0, but with a few minor fixes. It runs fine. I've been using it for a few months.
JeSuSoChrist is a theiving whore, he has not improved the application at all, rather he has just added a file which causes further OS incompatibility.

Considering i doubt he has the intelligence to actually decompile the software, i consider all changes to be Resource level, and nothing more.

Seeing as i doubt the Triad would release the source to some unknown, who posts it on a rom site (The Triad wouldn't allow it period), I will not be providing support for this illegitimate version.

To pick his bull**** to pieces.

*added dependency section with ComCtl32.dll for use with common control styles and appearances
Intriguing, considering the interface is already compatible with every UI, from good old Win98 grey, to Aero Glass.

*added trustinfo section for vista to set execution level via manifest trust level section
Trust info section? LOL, unless he has managed to secure a digital certificate, this will not show up, nor be of any use.

*added UI Access to bypass protection levels to drive input (vista)
Now i know he's bull****ting., the only Drive input issues in epsxe are a result of attempting to use ASPI... it doesn't exist on XP/NT6.x by default. the correct way is to use ioctl, which is far more capable then aspi.

*removed dead links from help menu, which lead to spyware getting installed
orly?, the links are on the epsxe domain and are dead, they don't go anywhere and there is no spyware :rolleyes:

*updated the images to 24bit. from 8bit. left controller configuration images alone, changed others.
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