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Hey guys need some help!

I have the exact same copy of EPSXE and my backup of SFA3 on two computers so we can play SFA3 over the net. We tried Cyberpad 1.4 and PS4Net beta 0.4 and we are able to connect without a problem. The issue comes actually playing the game. For some reason - this is what happens.

PC 1 creates the game (server)
PC 2 joins

PC 1 is able to move around and select a character
PC 2 is able to select a character

When PC 1 is moving around to select a character - PC 2 sees the selection.
When PC 2 is moving around to select a character - PC 1 doesn't see PC 2 making a selection and the cursor box sits on 1 character.

When the game is started:

PC 1 is fighting again a character that doesn't move.
PC 2 is fightning against PC 1 - can see the inputs from PC 1 and can interact with it.

So basically both can connect - player 1 can't interact with player 2 on the screen while player 2 can interact with player 1.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I've tested this using the exact same copies of iso and epsxe on 2 other computers with the same results. We get the same results each time - doesn't matter who creates the game.


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