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epsxe 1.7.0 & Black screen

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Hi all,

Running epsxe 1.7.0 w/ Petes GPU OGL2 v2.9, Eternal SPU 1.41.

I have back up ISOs for FF7, FF9 (which i hear i need a patch for to run, correct?) and Legend of Legaia.

However when i try and load these images, epsxe loads a blank/black screen with the controller picture in the top right corner. No sound, no nothing.

Running the PS-BIOS option however shows the PSX start screen

I am running on XP Media Center (SP3), 2.8GhZ Dual Core Proc, with 512 MB RAM and integrated Radeon Xpress 200 gfx. I have updated drivers and Direct X to latest.

I have played around with the config of the GPU to no avail :(

I also grabbed guests shader pack and tried different shaders. By using OGL2 Lookup shaders i get a green screen instead :???:

If anyone can help me get around this black wall so to speak i would be much appreciative.
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what format did you make your images in? given the likelihood that you are playing the PAL versions you should be making the images of your discs in formats that have support for sub-channel data such as .ccd or mdf.
they're just .ISO files, made with MagicDisc.

They are PAL versions, would i need the appropriate bios?? i am currently using the scph1001.bin file
ISO files suck on PSX emulators.
use CloneCD's CCD or Alcohol's MDF format.
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