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I can;t seem to configure the emulator properly because I get a blank-black screen every time I incert a cd-rom.

I've got these plugins

Lewpy's Glide 1.40
P.E.Op.S. GPU v1.17
Pete's GPU Plugins v1.76

Eternal SPU v1.41
P.E.Op.S. DSound v1.9

CDR Mooby v2.8
CdrSaPu v1.0
P.E.Op.S. CDR v1.4
Xeven's CDR Plugin v0.93

WinMM PAD Driver 0.03

Can anyone guide me so as to configure my ePSXe, because the guides provided are very old and have other options...PLEASE

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well first off, you dont need a gamepad driver because ePSXe doesnt support them.

secondly, what are your computer's specs? if you dont have a Voodoo graphics card, you cant use Lewpy's. what graphics card you have will determine your video plugin, and your CPU will determine the SPU (i'd say stick with Eternal 1.41 though, default settings are fine).

as for CDR plugins, i'd suggest Xeven's because it's easy and it autodetects.

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Also, these:

Did you unpack your ePSXe zip file, or just drag stuff out of it? The folder that contains ePSXe should have subfolders named bios, memcard, plugins and so on.

Have you got a copy of the BIOS from your Playstation yet? You need a copy of that ROM in order to run an emulator.

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