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epsxe 1.6.0 just always crashes under linux

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I just can't run anything on epsxe on my fedora core 4 box, even the launch bios fct doesn't work...

here is the console output, if someone can help me... thanks !

$ ./epsxe-1.60/epsxe
 * Running ePSXe emulator version 1.6.0.
 * Memory handlers init.
 * ePSXe: PSX BIOS loaded [/home/vince/epsxe-1.60/bios/scph1001.bin].
 * Init gpu[0][]
Error: couldn't get fbconfig
Missing ATI render-texture extension!NVIDIA Corporation
GeForce FX 5900XT/AGP/3DNOW!
 * Open gpu[0]
 * Init spu[0][]
 * Open spu[0]
Segmentation fault
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ok thanx i'm going to try that, just the time to find the sources.

anyway the problem doesn't seem to come from peops spu... even with another spu or no spu at all epsxe does'nt work...

thx anyway...

edit : thx for the idea but 3d accel is up and running on my box, with a crt monitor attached to the graphic card.
thx, i'm sure it would solve my problem, if only the config panel would show up...

I click on the config button, and nothing happen... just a dead button.

i'm using a nvidia fx5900 on a 1.4 ghz t-bird (sure i should have provided those infos earlier, sorry)

yes all plugins file was in right location, and i noticed quite early cdrmooby was buggy.

i did a fresh reinstall of my os, and i will reinstall epsxe as well soon... Maybe with more luck
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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