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I am new to the forums here and am having just one problem with the emulator. No sound with any but Pete's and Ioris plugins and those sound like NES Mario jumping around. Mdecs play fine but in game sound is slow and jerky. I have tried all Video plug-ins and different vid options to try to get this fixed--sound is even bad with software vid plug-in.

MSI K7 mobo w/AMD 700 w/384 MB ram
V5 5500

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Have you tried lewpys pluggin? You really should stick to the glide pluggin since you have a Voodoo 5.. Check your epsxe sound options and enable everything there.. Enable sio irq too..

I play games at 640x480 res with 4xFSAA on.. I get near perfect sound and framerates with epsxe.. One thing to help with your sound problems would be to play using an iso.. Make an iso of the game and run it with the "run iso" option in epsxe.

go to download the demo version of cdrwin and make isos..
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