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1. Not Smooth as other Emulator (this will give the best sound too):
-Try to change the region code to PAL, BUT the Plugins to
NTSC----(Thanx to someone that i forget his name to tell
this is more accurate, if that 'someone' read this, please
tell me your name. thanx)
-If the game still run too skip
Change the Frame Cap Method to Old and the FPS to 40/45
Ex: Winning Eleven, ISSP Serie A
-If the game run too fast,
Check The FPS limit, read the No 3
-If The game STILL won't smooth :
Try to play with the real PS :<, (i have 1 so i don't bother)

2. MemCard Problem :
-Try to press F4 for access memcard (so the emu
think that you have insert the Memcard)
Ex: Spiderman, Medal Of Honor, Tomb Raider.
-Try to switch the region Code to PAL, And the GPU to NTSC
'the sign : Memcard is to fast read "No Memcard"'
Ex: Ridge Racer Type 4
-If the memcard forget what MemCard is, try this :
copy 2 of your Memcard, and rename it to temp.000, temp.001
This will happen if you delete your temp.00* or delete the
ePSXe and copy the old memcard to the directory.

3. Sound Problem :
-If The sound is repeat and repeat :
Try To Enable the SPU IRQ Always On
-If the sound too choopy: ( Pete Midas )
Try to enable XA Smoothing on the plugins
-If the sound too fast so the MDEC isn't sync: ( Dsound 1.8 )
try to check the GPU plugins,
- Set the FPS to 50 IF the region is PAL ( by the No 1)
- Set the FPS to 60 IF the region is NTSC

4. Visual Problem : (Lewpy)
-If you have GTE lighting / flickering screen:
try to check the Front Buffer Fix, and disable it.
Ex : tomb raider 4
-If the game doesn't display correctly:
1. try to enable the Offscreen drawing to EXTRA
2. try to enable Frame Buffer to WRITES, READ,or both
Ex: Metal Gear Solid
-If The game have a pause beetween screen :
try to change the long DMA chain to Short
Ex: Tekken3

If your games still won't work, feel free to contact me.

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At least there's only onebody who replay me,
there's no need to thanks (Actually this is good),
because i found that help because of this forums too,
i'm just combine the solution and this is the answer.
and BTW, if there's anybody can speak Indonesian,
be my pleasure to talk with me.
( maksudnya jawabnya pake bahasa Indonesia)

Thanx Everybody (Especially "you" that view this solution)

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Pete's Midas 1.7 + Dino Crisis

I've play Dino Crisis, The ongame speech is working well but the sound was loop in one location, If I use others plugins, the sound will corrrupt/ stutter, -hmmph.

"Dinasournya mengejar Regina, kemudian lagunya kelam & terus kelam mengulang"

heres my specs,
k6-2 500, Geforce 2Mx, 128 MBSDRam,

scph 1001.bin, Pete's OpenGL 1.5, Pete's Midas 1.7 & Pete's CD Drive (..all pete's).

kepala :eyes: pusing

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For Valkyrie Profile (Tokichi, Japanese aren't you) :
i'm sorry, but i can't help you, cuz i don't know what your problem is,
but i know many people have a problem with this game so try this :

1. i don't like to play rpgs game, so i don't know what the problem BUT
if you have the game named "Tobal 2", and the problem is exactly like that
(runs good, but when the battle start, the big slowdowns will appear),
that means you must change the region code to PAL (even you have NTSC CD)
and the plugins to PAL too (50 FPS)
2. If you are pete user, try to had special game fixes (in battle ONLY)
- Old Compability
- Fps Calculation
- and short DMA Chain.

For Dino Crisis (Athleon, Do You Mean Athlon?):
1. i haven't play dino crisis again for a long time since i have beat the game
on VGS, the game runs perfectly on that Emu, give it a try.

check the RE 1, if the speech runs good (not repeated, send a reply),
the problem is accure in the Barry say's "What is it?",
Wesker said "maybe it's Chris, Now Jill Can You Go?" <=
if this speech runs too fast (not Sync with the character),
then do this
2. if the sounds become slow, check the accurate CDR timing
(this is neccecaries (penting) to be enable to play some game like
this, Resident Evil series especailly, i give the example "RE" because
this game is made by CAPCOM and the game is looks similar.)
3. Please use the pete Direct sound1.10, it's perfect for speech and music.
4. Region code to NTSC, FPS limit To 60
5. Enable the Spu IRQ.
6. Don't need to Pusing (Confused), cuz i'm here and i'm very open for all
For Both of you :

if the problem stops in one of my suggestion, please STOP right there,
ex: if the game runs perfectly on my suggestion no 1, don't try no 2.


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you are right the problem is like that for tobal 2, VP runs really good but when the battle begins the emulation become real slow!!
I've tried what you have said but it's not changed at all!!
Maybe i've to try some other plugin, because i tried only the pete ones.
What do u mean about configure all plugins for the pal version??
Thx a lot anyway :)

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Tokichi :
Hehehehehe,this is had happen to my tobal 2,but it has been fixed:
so, what must to do ?,
1. open the ePSXe excutor, find the setting that you use for VP,
2. go to the options, set the COUNTRY SETTING to PAL,
3. and set the Fps limit GPU (pete's) to 60. just that.
try to run the Tobal2, if the game runs perfectly, then try the VP,
4. if the problem solved, contact me!
use the bios DLTH-3002/yaroze (it may be faster for some games)

vote this forums OK !!!
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