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Epsxe 1.4.0 with Lewpy's Plugin Crashes

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Epsxe 1.4.0 crashes with Lewpys newest plugin. It is the best plugin for my computer because I have a Voodoo 4 4500 PCI card.

I have a Compaq Presario 4882 Pentium II 400 with 96 mb ram and a 2nd Generation DVD and also a Philips 4x4x32x CD RW. I know this isn't the fastest computer in the world but it still shouldn't do this. Pete's Plugins work fine but run slower.

Any help would be appreciated. It doesn't do it all the time but it does do it a lot.
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You can go back to the old version. Otherwise, it would be good to know your specs and when it crashes.
exactly when does it crash.. Epsxe use to crash on my computer too.. It crashed when I exited epsxe.. Then I would have to restart my computer.. I solved it by using epsxe executor to run the games and not open the epsxe main window.. Try that and see if it works.. Lewpys glide pluggin works great on my computer now.. Compaq sucks.. I bought a computer from them a while back.. Now I just build my own.. You can also upgrade your video card and sound card drivers as well as directx if you haven't done so..
Yeah my computer crashes when I exit and I have to restart too. I thought it was Driver 2 doing it but it did it to me in GT2. I'll try your suggestion.
If it crashes on exit, try checking the
emulate Mask bit box.
Ticking the Emulate Mask Bit box enables the use of the zbuffer, so it does make the 3dfx "mode" different.
Also, it's been noted that running the emulator at the same resolution/colour depth as your desktop is a good way to cause crashes on exit. Some weird-ass driver bug, I'm afraid :/
With Voodoo4/5, my plugin runs in 32bit colour. All other Voodoo's run in 16bit colour.
So, try the Emulate Mask Bit option, and also try a different resolution if the one you selected in my plugin matches your desktop resolution.

Also: was the exiting crash the crashing you were refering to, or was there other crashes in-game? If so, what game, and where, and COPY INFO please :)
Hey lewpy,

By using epsxe executor I can use the same resolution as my desktop and still no crashes with your pluggin.. Same color depth too... No crashes.. Epsxe crashes everytime I use it without executor with or without the same resolution\color..
That's bizarre.
The opposite happens to me.
If i leave mask bit checked, it never crashes.
If i set the resolution and colors the same,
it crashes all the time without the mask bit checked.
I tried it without and with epsxecutor too...
Dam, that is weird.... Must a driver, hardware, and software issue.. There is just so many different computer hardware and software that these types of weird happenings sometimes occur I guess.. The weirdest thing is that it crashes on my system without executor no matter what resolution I set it to..

i have a voodoo5 card and get the same problems, its bcoz voodoo4/5 based cards crash with ANY glide plugins, but usually in different places. even though d3d arent as good or fast, use them instead.
Originally posted by freeallangels
i have a voodoo5 card and get the same problems, its bcoz voodoo4/5 based cards crash with ANY glide plugins, but usually in different places. even though d3d arent as good or fast, use them instead.
Wow, that is blatantly un-true! Such a generalisation, born out of your own experiences. :eyes:
I develop the plugin on a Voodoo5 board, so I think I would have noticed if it was crashing all the time :)
Yes, there are crashing problems within the 3dfx Glide drivers (i.e. when trying to pause emulation by pressing ESC, etc.) but all of these can be worked around (either changing emulation settings, using ePSXeCutor to launch the games, using ePSXe command-line options, or changing desktop settings).
If there are specific occasions where my latest plugin crashes in-game, then I want to hear about it! I also need to know if other GPU plugins work fine with no crashes (i.e. if it crashes with all GPU's, then it is more likely to be an emulator fault). COPY INFO output is important information for any fault reports.
I may need save-states, etc. to reproduce the problem on my machine.
epsxe crashes with all the gpus(even petes) without using epsxe executor.. Even the software gpus too.. On my computer it does anyways.. Oh, and using executor, I can have the mask bit option on or off without crashes.. Lewpys glide pluggin is the best for my voodoo 5.. It is not as unstable as someone had said.. It never crashes on me after I started using executor... And I have about 20 or 30 psx games to test it with.. Nice work lewpy.. I think it's not a pluggin problem for me.. Like I said in a previous thread..

epsxe only crashes on me if I have the epsxe gui open.. Without it, epsxe doesn't crash on me at all.. I also have tested it with the executor option "show gui"... It crashed when I enabled it..
no, seriously, lewpy, ALL glide plugins crash at some point (at least with my card) EVEN with the epsxecutor, although the games are still playable up until i pause/exit to the frontend, and your glide3 plugin is the best i have, but i find i have to use a d3d plugin to save myself from having to reset my pc when im done playing a game
You missed the pointy of Lewpy's post, re-read it, re-translate it if necessary, and then if possible give the info he requested since that will help him to develop a stronger glide plug-in.
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