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Enveetech rebar detailing

is a leading name in Rebar service, with specialization in detailing, drawing, 3D drawing, and estimation. We provide the detailing and estimation services for structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, general contractors and designers.

Essentially, rebar detailing is the process of creating drawings for communicating key instructions to the personnel at the work site. These drawings help guide the iron worker on the site about the exact placement of reinforced steel bars in the construction framework before pouring of concrete to strengthen the entire structure. Normally, the rebar detailer is able to prepare these exhaustive drawings based on interpretation of designs by the structural engineer.
The role of the structural engineer remains critical to the process of rebar detailing as he is responsible for calculating the amount rebar that will be required for the construction project in its entirety. These calculations form the foundation for elements such as size, spacing, zoning, layer of rebar etc in the final rebar drawings. We at Enveetech are entirely conversant with the process of rebar detailing and have delivered projects to the complete satisfaction of our clientele.

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