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Ensata 1.3

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from emulatronia:
Someone have send us a ds emulator made by Nintendo for windows, we cant release because we suppose that it wont be legal.
some shots from Golde eye and pin pals:

we have traitor at Nintendo :p
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how would one go about the, touch to start anyhow without a touch screen? :D I know a button could be used for this, but what about the more advanced touch screen games? clicking with the mouse-pointer perhaps? somehow I feel that this just won't be the same as touching though.
hellmasterx said:
we have traitor at Nintendo :p

Well, actaully it is a "NITRO" (what ever that means) file emulator for Nintendo developers. If your a registered dev you can get it at some nintendo dev site. Until now no much was known bout it but seems someone realised it in public. Wonder if it's legal...
This is bad. Waaaay baaaad.

With commercial DS images out there already, I don't know what this'll do. One Fifty for a console that doesn't have many good games out yet (Though more are on the way) seems a steep price for some people, and software ain't that hard to find around the net if you know your way around. This could end up bad for the commercial and emulation scenes.

Paranoid Sony already made running homebrew damn near impossible if you wanna play their games by imposing firmware updates and the like upon people. Nintendo may impliment something similar, which may nip the bud of the emerging emulators for the DS.
It's like giving you a car without the steering wheel.
Are we sure this is even legit now? Thoes images could be easily faked.
i wont trust them till i see the emulator myself
Those shots are terrible quality and could be easily faked. I don't see any reason why Nintendo would even develop an emulator for it's own handheld, still an infant in the market scene.
Reichfuher said:
Are we sure this is even legit now? Thoes images could be easily faked.

Edit: check out my awesome screenshot. 1000 fps.
There is a symbol at the bottom right corner of the that screen ... bad fake.
I agree with the above comment.

But I think we are being played for fools, nintendo releasing a DS emu? You'd think it atleast plays fullscreen!
I can cofirm that 'ensata 1.3' is perfectly geniune. This emulator comes from the official SDK that went with the NDS. Though from what I know the actual current version is 2.0 (available to download if you are an official Nintendo Dev).

Below are some screens

Ask where to get NDS roms.
Ask where to get this emulator.

The emulator doesn't play alot of games, most stop on a white screen. There is also absolutely no sound. Touch screen is done via the mouse (well no suprise there).

There is a D3D filter, and a D3D renderer, though the D3D renderer makes 3D vanish :D
well based on what you say ckemu, I understand the idea of the emulator now.

The only way this will probably ever be accessible is through leaked versions since I seriously doubt nintendo will ever release it to the general public...
err... there are no D3D settings, just 2 toggles :rolleyes:
A few pics of Goldeneye, works perfectly but its very slow

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Compatibility list

Another Core: Dont Work

Goldeneye: Works pefectly. Slow

Ridge Racer: Dont Work, error in ARM9

Yoshi touch!: Dont Work, error in ARM9

The Urbs: Dont Work, error in ARM9

Wario Touched: Dont Work, the same as before
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Seriously doubting that this is an actual development emulator (or at the very least, I doubt it's from Nintendo), as development emulators typically have high-end debugging utilities. They also typically run games at full speeds on a fairly modest computer, due to having source code from the original developer of the hardware. (In this case, Nintendo) While this does have a debugging console, it's not very advanced. It's incredibly simplistic, even.
the only thing that makes me question this is the fact that the label's and menu captions don't follow common syntax of japanese windows.
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