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]Well, someone at DS Central got their hands on a DS unit (their a Nintendo GP) and they took some pics and answered some questions. I'll go ahead an post em now.,

You must copy/paste the links for the pics/movie. They do not link correctly on this forum.

Ok everyone, the day has finnally come.

After weeks of waiting, I've got the DS in my hand.

Now let me say this first off. Leading up to this point, I wasn't sure if I would buy a DS near launch. The launch lineup doesn't really impress me aside from a couple titles, and also I wasn't sure what the public will think of the system. Spending a paycheck on a piece of hardware that will flop (ala VirtualBoy) is not a good thing.

However, the moment, I mean, the MOMENT, I turned on the DS, all of my fears went away. Just the feel of the machine, the sound it produced when I turned it on, the look of the menu, it all just seemed to point to one thing:

This is going to be one awesome machine.

Ok now people, onto the good stuffs.


Turning on the system is a breeze. Just hold the Power button down and on it comes. Same to turn it off. And there should be NO fear of accidentally hitting it during gameplay, you're thumb goes nowhere near it. And besides, you have to hold it before it turns off. I've tried it.

I didn't have to charge it initially when I got it, but I am charging it now. It's pretty standard stuff so there's nothing to be worried about.

This is the stuff that Nintendo gave me for the first part of the tour.

DS + Manuals

Here's a pic of the Gamecard


The DS has a "snap" to it in the hinge similar to the SP. There's two clicks:

Position 1
Position 2

It's very solid and there's no chance of it flip flopping at all.

The stylus itself is stored in the back of the unit, and is suprisingly tiny. I can see some complaints EASILY from people with big hands.

Stylus storage
Stylus Lifted

Now when you first turn on the system, you're bombarded with several settings menus. All look really slick and have a great style to them. After wading through the options, you get to the main menu.

This is essentially a portal to your DS. You can set and reset options, turn on or off the backlight, open pictochat, select a game, or start your DS in a game recieving mode for the wireless multiplayer one card games.

So here is pictochat. It's really simple to use and very straightforward. It's gonna be great to use with OTHER PEOPLE. Talking to myself was quite boring :p


Here is a pic of the touch screen main menu.

Main Screen Turn On

And here is what is displayed simultaneoulsy on the top screen.

Top Menu Screen

The colour of the bar at the top is actually customizable. Its not very important, but it always feels nice to make things feel your own.

Ok, those are all of the pics I have right now sorry.

As for the Metroid Prime Demo, I have to say, it grows on you. It takes a little bit to get used to the control scheme but once you get accustomed, it feels very good.

That's all I can really think of without being prompted.

Questions? Ask away.
That was his post, telling some things and showing pics/movie.

Now here's the FAQ.

Q) About how heavy is the DS?
A) Maybe about twice the weight of a standard GBA (ESTIMATE, don't take my word)

Q) How loud do the speakers get?
A) The speakers aren't very loud unfortunately, but they do get the job done very well. The stereo sound is really nice.

Q) How smooth are the games?
A) The Hunters Demo played through fine. Only when there were about 7 mocktroids flying around me and me firing wildly was there a SLIGHT hiccup that lasted about half a second. Never happened again though.

Q) I remember reading on IGN that there was a problem with the hinge's being too loose. Do you notice anything?
A) The hinges are FINE. Very solid.

Q) Does the screen seem big enough?
A) The screens are a little taller than the GBA screens and you can see fine. There's a lotta screenspace up for grabs here.

Q) What is the DS download play?
A) That basically sets the DS into a recieve mode. It's what you would do when you're playing multiplayer games with one cart.

Q) Does the DS comes with one stylus or two?
A) I belive it comes with one. But I didn't actually get the box, so I'm not tottaly sure.

Q) Do you get to keep that or does it belong to Nintendo?
A) No I don't get to keep the DS, I've gotta pass the bag over in Dec to another GP.

Q) Is there a built-in microphone?
A) Yes there IS a built in microphone, you can clearly see it.

Q) Does it get warm while you're using it?
A) Hasn't warmed up as far as I can tell.

Q) When playing GBA games does the sound quality improve at all?
A) Nope. Don't think so

Q) How much larger is the ds screen compared to the sp's and what are the exact measurements, isnt it 3 inches from top left to bottom right?
A) I don't know the exact measurements, but you can tell that the GBA screen is a little shrunken when played on the DS.

Q) When it starts, does it make a ding da ding da ding noise like in your clip, or was it just bad quality and it sounds like a solid sound?
A) Bad quality on my cameras part. Actually, not playing it streaming makes it smooth I think. It's smooth in the original file.

Q) Does it feel like you're holding a gba in your hand?
A) Yes, it does. Slightly bigger maybe, but still comfy.

Q) Can the game cards bend?
A) Game cards are solid.

Q) If you press on the touch screen, will it flex?
A) The touch screen doesn't flex. It's solid.

Q) How does it feel holding the DS and playing Metroid with the stylus? Is it too awkward or is it easy to get the hang of?
A) It feels alright I guess. You'll get used to it. Doing what the NST guy does works. You hook ure stylus hand pinky under the base and use it as a support. That seemed to work fine too.

Q) Is the tip of the stylus soft? Does it leave any noticable mark on the screen?
A) The sytlus is tottally plastic. It's hard. The tip of the stylus is made of a different material I think because it's a different colour and also feels more smooth than the rest of it. And it doesn't leave marks.

Q) When you insert the stylus into the ds system itself, the storage slot, does it snap in, or does it feel springy like a ball point pen clicker?
A) It snaps into the system quite securely. Don't worry about it geting ripped out.

Q) The touch screen, is it made of a different material(not the usual plastic)? Ive heard that it is..
A) It's still plastic, just a much much harder plastic. There's almost no flex when you touch the screen, it's very nice.

Q) When you rub the thumb against the touch screen, does it feel smooth and sort of slides? or is it rough?
A) It's just a piece of plastic like I said, so it's smooth. When you write with the stylus it feels a little stiffer because there's more friction.

Q) Are the thumb markings noticable at all or did nintendo do something to prevent that?
A) Fingerprints will be noticeable. There's really not much you can do about that.

Q) Do you know how many single play levels and multi play levels are in that metroid demo?
A) There's 3 single player modes: Regulator, survival and Morph Ball. There's three multiplayer levels.

Q) What about the loadtimes?
A) There ARE no loadtimes, all cinematics can be skipped instantly

Q) Is there something more with picochat then only typing or writing?
A) There's nothing more with pictochat as far as I can tell.

Q) Is there a wirless test option to see if you have good connection with your modem?
A) There's nothing like this in the menu, no wifi options

Q) Does the ds fit in your pocket?
A) It's a little bulky, but if you've got deeper pockets it would fit easily. Maybe just a little thicker than the original GBA

Q) Is there any intresting text in that metroid manual?
A) No interesting text. Just the basics of how to play the game.

Q) With some games that are coming, its easier to use your fingers than the stylus, but then will the touch screen get finger prints all over? And can you wash it of easily?
A) Fingerprints can just be wiped off, but Nintendo still recommends using the stylus. What I do with my PDA if I'm feeling lazy is just use the back of the tip of your fingernail. It works great since it's kinda pointy, and doesn't leave any oil on the screen.

Q) Is the map on the other screen with Metroid Prime really usefull or is it just easier than to pause the game and look at the map?
A) With the control method using the stylus, it's a little hard using the map and playing at the same time as your hand is pretty much just hovering over the screen. It is usefull though if you ever get disoriented which is a good thing. And also, you don't get the map when you pause.

Q) Do you have to be in recieve mode to be summoned to play multiplayer or can you be playing a game and it notifies you?
A) I haven't tried out the multiplayer yet, but I don't think the DS is in constant recieving mode, so you've got to put the DS into that mode yourself.

Q) What seems to be the best position for the screens?
A) Easily the first "Snap" location. It's great and allows a really good viewing angle. The screens are really friggin bright and they look crystal clear.

Q) Are the buttons plastic, or did they put rubber on them for friction? Or are they slippery plastic buttons?
A) They feel like SP buttons with the same clickyness too. The buttons feel nice, if a litle small though.

Q) What is a Nintendo GP?
A) A nintendo GP is a Game Promoter. So if you see a person wearing a nintendo staff shirt somewhere, That's a GP.
Hope this answers some questions and stuff :p All these quotes are from a person who got to experience the DS hands-on and has it in their possesion at the moment.

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Looking good :) Though that little dingy thing it does when you turn it on is a little annoying :p

I'm thinking of getting one for Christmas but i'm not sure, but I did see that huge demo vid of Mario 64 on the DS (forgot what they are calling it :)) the other day and it looked very impressive. I wouldn't mind a PSP too but I don't think i'll bother with one ;)

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really cool i like the way the machine starts up. but the sound from the video i thought it might sound abit more fresh. well this answered most of my questions. i thnik i might get one for christmas aswell ;)

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You gotta right click the pics and go to properties then paste the address into a new window, he did say you'd have to.

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Well i got to try Nintendo DS at Circuit City and gotta say it wasnt that bad. They had Metroid Prime there and it was pretty smooth. Felt like fps shooter but the graphics were eh but its the first few games so you can't blame them. The colors were kinda dark too.
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