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English Slang

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i recently was cleaning my room and came across and old english assignment paper where i was to find some english slang words's definisions. "english" as in british english. i found a lot of them ( there were like...50 of them or smthn) but i missed out on 3 which to this day still i havent found on google.

can someone please fill me in?


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Boltzmann said:
This reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers: Goldmember where Austin and his father are speaking in "English english", and you can't understand a word of what they say (the subtitles all apear as "????"). Maybe the british audience could get it, though :p
It's kinda true when you turn the situation around as well. There's a lot of people from the UK that don't understand American slang. I can recall several conversations with Betamax where I'd space off and use some American term so he wasn't sure what I was saying.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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