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Ending......or not?

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I finished fighting the blue fugly guy and got to the part where Zidane goes to Kuja's rescue! The, when all thorn vines come out, the screen just jams up! It just shows Zidane standing there during the movie! I'm using ePSXe 1.6.0 and the settings are from Lord Kaine's site! Can anybody help?
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is this another one of those problems in 1.6.0 with the 3D characters being mixed in with the FMV sequences?
im trying to complete the entire game, and im keeping track of all the problematic spots i encounter using v1.6.0 (im only using 1.5.2 as a 'bail' to get past whats keeping me from continuing). so far, ive only hit 1 bug. so maybe im lucky?
i played the whole thing on 1.6.0 and countered two problems (FMV only) one on the first cd when getting off the plane in Dali and the second on the part where you are stuck...I used the Xenogears trick to get past em. . Worked for me hitting F5 (or was it F7) just before the FMV starts and hit it again once you are past the stuck point.
thats more or less what i did. only thing i did differently was use 1.5.2 on the Dali airship FMV problem,
so maybe, if youre lucky, and have 1.6.0 set right you might be able to play through without problems
lucky us! :)
Originally Posted by hushypushy
i played it with 1.6.0 and i got Dali (disc 1), Alexandria (disc3), and the ending (disc4 duh).
only problems ive encountered so far- except the ending. this is the first time ive actually PLAYED FFIX. so dont spoil the end for me!
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