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enabling those extra pipes on 6800 non ultra

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so i was do you do that thing where you enable the extra pipes on a 6800? i think i found the option in rivatuner but i dotn want to mess with it until someone confirms it.
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You'll need to check enabled masked units. And if yours is anything like mine. The pipes/vertex units should be labeled and have "Disabled" by them until you enabled them. Thats essentially where you turn them on.

First thing to check for is artifacts. I'm almost 100% sure your vertex unit will work. The 4 pixel units have a chance of failing. Like 50/50. My old 6800NU before she died modded fine into 16x1/6VP
hushypushy said:

Its a gaurentee on enabling them. The success rate actually dependent on whether the pipelines actually "work". So you need to run 3dmark03. 3dmark05. And look for artifacts. Doom 3 is also a good test since it uses two sided stencils.
Good deal. Good luck with that. If you can get it to 16 pipes. It'll be like a Geforce 6800GT, LE, Still be about 15% slower. But no where neat the difference between a GT/NU.
It will be slower. It wont have the bandwith of a 6800GT, Nor will it have the increased framebuffer size (128 Verses 256)) So when exceeding its framebuffer it will still fall down at higher resolutions with anti aliasing enabled. But it will have similar shader/geometry/fillrate capabilities of a 6800GT.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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