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enabling those extra pipes on 6800 non ultra

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so i was do you do that thing where you enable the extra pipes on a 6800? i think i found the option in rivatuner but i dotn want to mess with it until someone confirms it.
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well before i posted that i ran 3dmark03 all the way, no problems. i will run 05, play some Doom3, HL2, CS:S, all that usual crap i do...
from chrisray's engrish, i have assumed that it will be like if a 6800GT and a 6800 had sex and they made a kid. kind of like breeding chocobos in FF7.
Razor Blade said:
Never knew videocards could have children :p

Hey hushy, if you can, mind telling (or showing) us the difference in fps in games etc ... :D
unfortunately, i can't really do much of that. i didnt bench the 6800 (dont care for such things) at first, and i dont want to disable em and reenable em for some tests.

my 3dmark03 score was 7575. keep in mind that both of my 3dmark scores were done while running other crap, i guess they could be higher ;)

so far, it seems like the difference is minor, but it is a difference. i havent played HL2 yet, but i will and i'll report back if i feel a performance change. but really, at 1024x768 4xAA 8xAF does it really matter if you are getting 60 rather than 50 fps? not for me :p
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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