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Emu's ON the PSX

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Hi guys!
does anyone know a link or a site that has Emulators for the PSX .... like SMS/SNES/NES/GB for the PSX ???
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I guess some of us know more than others :p

I used to have a Sega Master System emu on the PSx and it works fine .. as well as SPectrum and a lot other things ... but I guess u'r still a novice inthe emulation scene :eek:

so before u start laughing next time ... make sure u get u'r facts right .....

Yes....yes.... yes

I agree with you Acidburn2....and it would be nice if snes emulator for psx exist..... the 2d graphic of snes is really awesome.... :eyes:
I've seen a NES/Master System emulator for PSX, unfortunately it runs too slow on a PSOne (where i tested it). So you're better off with ROMs and emulators on PC like zsnes.
I actually have a CD with PnesX and some roms burned on it.
I can play it normally on the PSX/PSONE but the speed and the sound aren't perfect.
I don't remember how I got it burned... I got the instructions at a page called Emus4psx :p I think the url was
But I don't think it worths :p I prefer playing NES on the pc.
Why DC and not PSX ??!!

Why is everybody making Emu's for the Dreamcast and NOT the PSX ... I mean zsnes for example doesn't need huge specifications on a PC I think it could be ported easily to PSX ... especially with the new PSXLinux for the PSX that's been released!! .... that would be wondeful wouldn't it! :D
Maybe it's because the Dreamcast is a more powerful system than the PSX?
PSx has NES,SNES,GB and sega master system emus ! to use them you'll need roms !
Originally posted by Zell
PSx has NES,SNES,GB and sega master system emus ! to use them you'll need roms !
dude, what snes emulator is there for psx? i think thats the whole argument here..
Originally posted by Zell
PSx has NES,SNES,GB and sega master system emus ! to use them you'll need roms !
Zell, if you could post a link to a SNES PSX emu, or just give us the name, I'd appreciate it. I haven't seen any yet... ever.
I haven't heard of any snes or gb emu for the psx, i've only seen NES, SMS, MSX and some older arcades.
ive heard of a sort of dongle that you can hook up GB games to play on a psx..
I don't see why playing gb games on a psx anyways... I mean, the gb games have bad graphics low quality sounds, are very simple, but they are fun to play because you can carry anywhere you want. On the psx you can't play anywhere! Same thing on the emus for the pc...
The only good point is that you have a bigger screen and you don't have to buy a gb...
A snes emulator would be very nice, since the graphx are much better. (lots of people play the square's remakes for the psx! ;) )
I don't know the name , all i khnow that it exist , a friend of mine bougth such a cd with some roms including emu for PSX ! i saw him playing FF3 & Super mario world on PSX , as for GB i i'm not sure if it exists just came out !
sounds kinda hokey to me. if you dont have any proof, please stop getting our hopes up :p
I managed to find NES/SMS/MSX emu's but what we're looking for is SNes ... as for those CD's u'r talking about .. I got a old of one ....on the Cover u'd see stuff like "SNES games" or "Megadrive Games" and in the end u find out it's just NES or SMS ....
And guys my hopes r high about a SNES emu for the PSX because we all know there r Linux ports of most of the Good SNES emus out there ... so it's just time till someone good enough can complile them and port them on the PSXLinux just released .... is the new home of Emus4psx. It hosts pNesX's final release. The author has discontinued the project and turned it over to webmaster at the site above. He is looking to continue the project if there are any experienced Playstation programmers out there with free time on their hands. He also has several other emulators there. As for running an SNES emulator on the Playstation, you need to turn to the techinical side of the system:

The PSX-OS has 32, 32bit registers for holding assembly information, arguments, temp space, temp saves, kernel reserves, global, stack, and frame pointers, and a return address register. It does not have a subroutine call function. You have to use the jump command and save the return address in a register.

The memory map of the Playstation is another feature that programmers must look into.
Every logic space must be mapped in physical space or you will receive a bus error. Interface registers must be mapped to logic space (which must be mapped to physical space).

The Playstation uses its own set of libraries which means that in porting, the code must be changed quite a bit in order to ready the program.

This does not mean in anyway that SNES emulation is not feasible, just that it would be quite a task porting an emulator to the Playstaion. However, should there be someone out there who would like to try, post a message. We'll supply you with the informamtion you need about the Playstation.
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...that was a VERY good reply .. thanx (^_^)
I just realized that u'r right ... one thing would be figuring a way to load the roms to memory in the first place!!!

do u have a site??
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