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A ton of changes has been made.

- May, 3. 2005 -
.: Added eMail-Notification settings to the GUI, optional encryption still needs to be configured in the preferences.ini
.: Added the setting for alternate toolbar layout in the transferwindow into the preferences dialog
Ornis: fixed removing servers from static list from the webinterface

- May, 2. 2005 -
.: Fixed a socket resource leak in web interface.
.: Access to web interface can be restricted to a list of specified IP addresses. preferences.ini setting "AllowedIPs=<IP>[;<IP>]" section "[WebServer]"
Ornis: Renamed "adresses.dat" to "addresses.dat" for automatic serverlist updates on startup. Renaming will be done automatically during startup on this upgrade.

- May, 1. 2005 -
.: eMule now (optional) remembers files which were cancelled and marks them in the searchresults
.: Remembering downloaded files can be disabled and eMule will purge all unneeded records from known.met and known2.met
.: Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a sharing Violation in known2.met when starting eMule

- Apr, 28. 2005 -
.: Implemented protocol change for server for getsources (local/udp) suggested by lugdunum

- Apr, 26. 2005 -
.: Added new drop down buttons in Transfers window to select different view types for main and sub window.
.: Added preferences.ini setting "WinaTransToolbar=1" (section "eMule") to enable an alternate toolbar layout in Transfere window.

- Apr, 23. 2005 -
.: Fixed: Queue Ranking of sources in Download Listview were not always updated properly.
.: Added some missing protocol overhead stats.
Unk: Couple very small gui changes to the setup wizard and file comment list.

- Apr, 19. 2005 -
.: Merged the view selector and the downloadingclients view from Mods [TBH]

- Apr, 17. 2005 -
.: Fixed a bug which made it theortical in some rare cases possible that eMule sent unverified data to other clients
Ornis: fixed not working commands on downloadlist multiselections in certain cases
Ornis: added manual filename cleanup on selected files in the downloadlist by pressing Ctrl+F2

- Apr, 13. 2005 -
.: Fixed bug with file comments/ratings when receiving a rating without a comment [thx MogTheCat]
.: Added support for new PeerGuardian IP filter file format v2.
.: To reduce overal network overhead, dead servers are detected faster and not used for UDP sources and file searches until they are deleted.
.: The priority specified in downloaded server.met files is ignored. Server priorities can still be used for the local server list.

- Apr, 6. 2005 -
.: Sortorder and scrollposition are now saved for every open searchresult when switching between them

- Apr, 4. 2005 -
.: Added E-Mail notification for "Download finished" and "Important Error" eMule notifications. Configurable via preferences.ini file section [eMule]
Enable E-Mail notifications with: "NotifierSendMail=1"
Specify SMTP server with: "NotifierMailServer=<server>"
Specify recipient's E-Mail address with: "NotifierMailRecipient=<e-mail-address>"
Specify sender's E-Mail address with: "NotifierMailSender=<e-mail-address>"
Optional: Specify certificate to be used for encrypting the e-Mail with S/MIME with: "NotifierMailEncryptCertName=<certificate-subject>". The certificate is searched in the local 'addressbook' certificate store only.

- Apr, 1. 2005 -
.: Fixed bug with eD2k link parsing when no filename (or filename with just spaces) was specified in link.
.: Fixed bug with partfile renaming when new filename contains only spaces.

- Mar, 23. 2005 -
.: Source base is compiled with warning level 4 (and corrected)
.: Kad keyword searching and publishing of short words changed to circumvent some limitations for Asian phrases.
.: Fixed bug in keyword publishing related to filenames ending with too much unpublished characters.
.: Fixed some GUI glitches in Friend listview.
.: Fixed bug which prevented eMule to minimize to system tray.
.: Brushed up Shared Folders context menu in Options/Files.
.: Changed all sound creating functions to not use the PC-speaker in case there is no sound card available.
.: Log files clearly show session start/end messages.
.: Fixed bug with log messages which were not written to log files during early startup.
.: MiniMule shows accurate connection icon.
.: MiniMule shows the nr. of completed downloads currently available in Download list.
.: MiniMule can be properly attached to each edge of the desktop window (depending on taskbar position).
.: MiniMule - fixed problem with eMule installation path containing some special characters.
.: Added optional Text-To-Speech notification. For each generated notification eMule will "read" the log message in the system's default Text-To-Speech engine.
.: Added support GZip compressed IP-filter files.
.: Fixed bug in log panes which could create auto-endless up-scrolling.
.: Fixed bug in log panes which displayed text too far on top if pane was first time enabled.
.: Disabled extracting of MetaData with DirectShow - until a more reliable way is implemented.
.: Experimental: Added a more efficient method to reject TCP connections of filtered and/or banned clients; see Options/Ext. settings
.: All graphs in Statistics window have a different appearance when "StraightWindowStyles=1" is specified in Preferences.ini, section [emule].
.: Couple of optimizations in drawing the statistics graphs.
.: When closing the Options dialog, the preferences.ini file is saved only if really needed.
.: Searchresult panes: When switching to/from panes with collapsed search entries, the state is properly saved/restored.
.: Couple of optimizations in search result handling.
.: When receiving different file names for a search result, the filename with the highest availability is eventually used for showing the result
.: In ext. user mode only: Search results show nr. of complete sources by percent and accurate number.
.: Fixed bug with not adding all available source found during searching when adding a file via an sub-entry to the download queue.

- Mar, 14. 2005 -
Ornis: Filename cleanup: dont uppercase character behind apostrophe
Ornis: Fixed wrong file statistics of (previously) stopped files [Xman]
Ornis: Set file based sources limit via downloadlist context menu (when extended controls enabled)

- Feb, 27. 2005 -
.: Log file format for standard and verbose log files can be set to UTF-8 with preferences.ini setting "LogFileFormat=1" (section "[eMule]").
.: Added support for new PeerGuardian IP filter file format v1.

- Feb, 26. 2005 -
.: Fixed bug with too high PeerCache socket timeouts [thx so8so]
zz: Small fix to USS to prevent it from sometimes disabling itself when network connection is lost. Once the first init of USS is complete it should now never disable itself.

- Feb, 22. 2005 -
.: Fixed issue where bugged compatible clients could receive sources for a file they did not ask for.
.: Fixed bug with Kad-notes which were received but not stored.

- Feb, 18. 2005 -
Ornis: moving mouse over statisticgraphs and holding down left mousebutton will display a tooltip containing the corresponding date and time at the current mouseposition in the graph (calculated by the CURRENT statistic settings)
Ornis: merged webinterface from eMule+, adapted, did some fixes and added:
- Kad-window
- show comments & ratings
- download of completed files via browser (up to 5MB filesize)

- Feb, 12. 2005 -
.: Fixed 'Transferred' column data display and sorting in Upload list control.
.: Reworked all dialogs to properly show the '&' characters in filenames.
.: Fixed comment rating label order.
.: Fixed possible misplaced up/down buttons in details dialog.
.: Upgraded to zlib 1.2.2.
.: Experimental: Added Right-to-Left reading support. Enable in Preferencs.ini: Section=[eMule]; Setting=RTLWindowsLayout=1

- Basque translation (by TXiKi) added

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Depends on the files you are getting too. I've been downloading a file with about 3 visable sources at 2-3k/s for days. I added a newer file with about 30 sources, and that downloaded at 120k/s
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