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when I start any game the Emulator's window is going in front of the game and I can't play. How I can fix this problem. It was the same yesterday with "Twisted Metal" and today with "Gran Turismo". Actually 1 runned it once today properly, but I've done nothing different. And now I still can't play... I'm doing it with "run iso".

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That is odd, the main window shouldn't show up once the emulation has started.

Are you closing the emulator properly? You gotta press ESC first to stop the emulation,
then close the main window.

Also, which version of emulator you're using?

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disable DEP
start with right click run as admin.
and use 1.7

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Data Execution Prevention, it is a security-related feature that is known to cause problems with epsxe and can prevent it from working correctly. the link below explains how to disable it.

DEP - Turn On or Off for Programs - Vista Forums
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