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Emulators For PS2

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i was looking at some websites that had emulators for the ps2, i downloaded the nes emulator, and made the iso file, i used nero to burn it to a cd-r with the cue that it also produced, i put it into my ps2 and it said it was an invalid disc, :cuss2: that was one of my last cd-rs, :( n e 1 know y this didnt work, sorry about spamming my last post (i didnt mean 2, i just wanted an answer fast) n e ways, thx 2 n e 1 that helps.
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Do you use any swap trick or is your console moded, because AFAIK without one or anothere you won't run anything that was recorded on your cd burner won't boot
dooh... playing with swap tricks... waist of time... better use modchip...
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