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Emulator tutorial

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Hi, i want to make an own emulator. The problem is: i do not know how. Can you help me please? How i have to begin? Do you have some pages where i can see examples? Please help me.

Sry, i know my english is not so good. I am a german. :heh:
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Hi Mino, welcome to our board, let me ask you a question: why haven't you done any search here? Many threads with such topic were posted here :)
Maybe you will think that my post is not helping, sorry but you should have done that at first place. Also if you haven't read rules please do it.
(of course you realize that if you want to write such emulator you should know some programing languages at A or A+ grade? :)
I'll move this to 'Web Developpement/Programming' as I'm pretty sure you wont be attacking the XBox right now....

Like I tell everyone, check out the sticky threads at Emutalk (
If you can nail down Chip8 emulation then something like GB or NES. maybe youll have a chance with Xbox....maybe....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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