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When I try to run FFX on pcsx2 0.9.6, it runs ridiculously slow like at 1fps and when I try to run the bios the emulator crashes, so I think I'm doing something wrong.

My cpu is 64 bit AMD Athlon processor and I think thats the problem, except when I go to config the CPU it says I have SSE2 and I am using all the SSE2 plugins so I'm not quite sure what the problem is. It might also be that I have 64 bit XP, but I havent read anything regarding that. I tried the emulator on my laptop with an Intel processor and Vista and it at least ran the BIOS at 50+ fps and FFX at like 25fps and I know my pc specs beat my laptop, so theres no reason for it to be running under 2 fps for FFX and crashing whenever I try to run the BIOS.

If anyone knows anything please help.

EDIT: Fixed the problem by changing the sound plugin. Sorry for the trouble, but I guess I didn't figure my sound plugin could be reducing my speed from 120fps to 2 fps
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