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Emulator don't run with my Gamepad

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All my Emulators(DreamSNES etc...)don't work with my Flash Fire Gamepad,with my Sega Dreamcast Pad,they run.Does anyone know how to change that?
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I never heard of that type of DC controller. If it has special features like turbo functions try disabling them, otherwise the only thing I think you can do is using the Sega gamepad.
The same thing happens with some PS2 games(especially demo discs). They will only work with an official controller.
My drunk @ss:rotflmao:don't know what your talk about, but if your playing on PC why not buy a controller from logitech. there perty good I have one just to play epsxe and zsnes. I've been looking into the nyco airflow coltroller since my hands sweat alot when gameing. the only problem that I've run into is that they don't have rumble(something I want). I've been lokking for a DC emu for my PII 266 :hdbash:(I need to build a new PC) and that's one thing that I want. That is all that I could suggest. :thewave: :beer:

P.S. Sorry for my drunk rantings
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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