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To be simple:

I am a Mac user. What is the best PSX emulator for the OS, and could an explanation be given on how to use it? I'm completely lost on how to get Flarestorm 2 or PCSX to run, so any assistance would be helpful.

Second, how does one go by copying a PSX disk or write an image file? There are quite a few games I need to back up (one of them being my prized SotN.)

Next, can this file be loaded through use of an emulator, or must it be burned to a disk? Can it be burned to a disk?

Finally, do there exist PSX emulators for the XBox, and instructions on how to set them up?

See, I really want to share SotN with a friend, so I figured if I lent him my original disk or a copy of the original, I could get him to play it on his own home system.

Much thanks in advance.
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