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So I'm taking a Computer Architecture course right now, and the professor has decided that instead of the usual term paper detailing a given microprocessor that he normally assigns, this semester everyone has to implement an emulator for an intel 8085. Now at first I was kind of excited about this as I was already thinking of joining the CHIP8 party that's been going on for a while. However, as the course continues we are being told more and more details about this project that is turning it into a monster.

The professor wants us to emulate the system essentially down to transistor level. He wants us the think of processor registers as flip-flops and we are required to implement a bus structure. Now I'm a CS student and I chose CS for a reason, I don't really like working with the nitty gritty of hardware, but since this is a required course I'm just going to have to eat it and do the best I can.


At this point in the course the professor believes that we should be able to implement simple registers and a bus, and he wants us to use an open-collector bus. What I'm hoping is that someone can give me a clear explanation of an open-collector bus as if tried searching google and Wiki but I can find anything that will point me in the right direction. Since I'm a CS student I haven't had a circuits course so anything "electrical" may need some explanation. Any help is appreciated!
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